Single Invoice Discounting

Single Invoice Discounting is revolutionising the way businesses manage cash-flow.  New businesses are signing up to this facility every day, and discovering the benefits of accelerated cash-flow.

How it works

Step 1

You submit your invoice to First Sentinel.

Step 2

We will pay you up to 98% of the invoice.

Step 3

First Sentinel will collect full value of invoice from your client.

Use our service to grow your business

The cash you receive from the sale of your invoices will not only improve your cash-flow but it can also be used for growth.

Business savvy companies are using this facility to unlock more working capital. They are using this capital to employ more staff, tackle larger jobs, compete for bigger contracts, and invest in their business for growth.

If you are not using this service to get the edge on your competition, just be aware that they may be using it to get the edge on you.


What is the cost?


First Sentinel charges as little as $30 on a $1500 invoice.

In this example, you would receive $1470. For the small fee of $30, you will receive 98% of the value of your invoice in your bank account within 60 minutes for approved clients or within 24 hours.

There are no additional fees or charges and there is no minimum invoice amount.

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